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Solar Absorber Product ImageAlmeco Solar combines the coating expertise of TiNOX, the inventor of highly selective absorbers, with that of the Almeco Group, which has been manufacturing aluminium mirror layers for more than 50 years.

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Highly reflective absorber for solar thermal collectors

Almeco's blue TiNOX energy products absorb 95% of incident sunlight. At the same time the materials only lose some 4% of heat radiation so that around 90% of the solar energy can be used as heat.

The TiNOX range also includes products especially designed for high solar radiation, a variety of absorber coating colours and solar absorber tubes.

SOlar Absorption 
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TiNOX energy 
Blue Absorber Coating 
  • TiNOX energy Cu
  • TiNOX energy Al
TiNOX energy
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Range of colour alternatives to standard blue coating
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Please refer to the individual data sheet for the full product specification.