Refractors Acrylic &  polycarbonate ALP Refractors Group Product Image

  • Injection moulded acrylic for linear fluorescent
  • Pressure formed or injection moulded PC security lenses for linear fluorescent
  • Injection moulded acrylic or PC for LED or HID

Please be aware that our products are specialised components for use by manufacturers or licensed persons only.

Contact us for further product information and guidance on your Refractor choice.


la part no. description   data sheet  
LE707600Refractor. 230 III C.B. AcrylicLE707600
LE724602Refractor. 270 V LG - AcrylicLE724602
LE728209Drop Lens 303 Acrylic - LGLE728209
LE728802Drop Lens 305 12"X12" Acrylic - LGLE728802
LE795844Drop Lens 622 Acrylic - LGLE795844
LE795860Drop Lens 630 LG Acrylic
Triumph Jnr Refractor, LED grade acrylic, injection moulded, 12" SQ.
Please enquire
LE781812Triumph Snr Refractor, LED grade acrylic, injection moulded, 22" SQ.Please enquire
PIF44/PC177-048510W/GSecurity Lens 1X40W with Gasket 440140)PIF44
PIF44/PC177-095270W/GSecurity Lens 2X20W with Gasket (440150)PIF44
PIF44/PC177-095510W/GSecurity Lens 2 X 40W with Gasket   (440160)PIF44
PII44PCIM095510W/GSecurity Lens I.M. 2X40W with Gasket (886440)PII44