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Featuring the latest product launches from our leading international manufacturers.

OneTrack H Track AccessoriesA.A.G. Stucchi OneTrack H Track image

The H-track profile in A.A.G. Stucchi's popular OneTrack range features an additional upper channel which can be used to provide an indirect lighting option to your track lighting fixture.

A.A.G. Stucchi also offers a range of accessories to make adding an uplight component simple.

An aluminium bracket to mount your LED strip slides easily into the track and a range of clip-on covers available in micro-prsimatic and opal choices complete the installation.

A.A.G. Stucchi OneTrack H Track microprismatic cover image

 A.A.G. Stucchi H Track Opal cover image

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Lumial Precision Extruded Aluminium from A.A.G. StucchiA.A.G. Stucchi Lumial roduct image

A.A.G. Stucchi has combined its lighting expertise with the aluminium extruding competencies of Gruppo Stucchi's PFA factory to launch Lumial - a range of aluminium extruded profiles.

Offering thin profiles, precise tolerances and various surface finishes, Lumial products are manufactured based on the exact needs of individual clients.

Read more about the Lumial range as well as PFA's impressive aluminium extrusion capabilities, or contact us for more information.

New Lumieo Frost LT80 2.0mm Diffusing SheetSewon Lumieo Frost product image

  •  PMMA Diffuser
  • Light Transmittance 80%
  • Thickness 2.0mm
  • Standard sheet size 1850 x 1250mm

Lumieo Frost from Korean manufacturer Sewon is the latest product to be added to ALP's lighting sheet portfolio, which already includes strategic alliances with leading manufacturers Bright View Technologies, Jungbecker Precision Optics and Covestro.

Special additives in combination with a very fine surface texture give Lumieo Frost excellent diffusion properties at high light transmission levels while still offering good lamp hiding capabilities.

The product is competitively priced and the standard sheet size of 1850 x 1250mm makes it ideal for longer applications.

Lighting Australia brings efficient local service, including cut to size to meet your exact project requirements.

Where LED hiding is critical Lighting Australia also offers Lumieo LT70, which gives impressive, smooth light diffusion and best lamp hiding possibility in a rigid PMMA sheet, while still maintaining light transmission of more than 70%.

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Prismatic Acrylic Reflectors for LED ALP Prismatic Acrylic Reflectors for LED product image

Lexalite from ALP Europe launches a range of new prismatic acrylic reflectors specifically designed for LED luminaires.

S16 and S22 Highbay Reflexors are for use with POD style LED highbays. Both versions have a shallow design to allow high beam angles and feature large flat tops for easy adaptiation to most fittings without the need for a collar and a lower flange that mimics traditional reflectors to suit a range of bottom lenses and standard clamp bands.

I43 Molded Lens is for use with LED luminaire in both interior and exterior environments and with its shallow depth is particularly suitable for car park applications. The prism structure provides excellent lamp hiding and uniform distribution.

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ALmeco Launch Linear Line ReflectorsAlmeco reflect+A linear line image

Almeco continues its leadership of LED reflector technology with its new range of professional reflectors for LED linear lighting.

An extension of the reflect+A range of reflectors for downlights, reflect+A line is powered by Almeco's 98% high reflectance silver surfaced vega98 material.

Two reflector types have been released offering glare control and high efficiency, with a recessed option for batwing distribution and a louvre design optimised for linear LED.

The high specification reflectors offer:

  • High performance
  • Outstanding glare control
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Great uniformity of light

Almeco also continues to develop its original reflect+A range with new products added to the reflect+A evo portfolio, a range that offers narrow, medium and wide beam distribution from one reflector design.

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