Lighting Track

A.A.G. Stucchi Lighting Track Systems including OneTrack and 48V MultiSystem

Lighting Sheet

Diffusing Sheet, Light Control Sheet, High Reflective Sheet.

LED Heat Sinks

Crystal shape heat sinks A.A.G. Stucchi offers new shape Crystal heat sinks in lightweight design

LED Reflectors

High reflective aluminium LED reflectors from Almeco Group and Prismatic Acrylic reflectors for LED from ALP.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Strips and Accessories, Lighting and Accessories, Fused & Fuses, Porcelain & High Temperature


Push-in Wire & Screw Connectors and Plugs & Sockets.

Suspension Systems

Components for suspensions lighting systems Beretta manufactures cables and components for suspension lighting systems. The

Cable Accessories

Cable Ties, Strains and Bushes Cable Ties nylon 66, natural or black, - 10° C to 85° C, UL 94V-2 Cable Tie Acc


Fluorescent Lampholders, HID, ES & Tungsten Halogen

Starter Sockets

Starter Sockets Fluorescent Bi-Pin   from a.a.g. stucchi A.A.G. Stucchi starter sockets are approved (EN/


Prismatic Acrylic Reflectors & Accessories Lexalite Injection Moulded, High efficiency and brightness control, Acc


Refractors Acrylic &  polycarbonate Injection moulded acrylic for linear fluorescent Pressure formed or inje

Luminaire Parts

Spheres & Accessories, Gasketed Enclosures, Ventilation Plugs and Custom Luminaire Parts.

Decorative Aluminium

  Almeco Group, Italy is a world leader in aluminium production. Almeco serves a number of key markets including


Solar Absorber & Solar Specular

New Products

Featuring the latest products from our leading international manufacturers. IP66/68 Mini Connectors The new 380