New: Highbay Reflectors for Glare Control

In a factory, warehouse or retail facility, highbays are installed to light the space, but if the highbays are unshielded, glare interferes with what we see. In commercial settings this low visibility can affect safety, productivity and health.

Lexalite brand reflectors, from the economical and shallow LENA16 to the deep, high performance S16, dramatically reduce glare with little impact on lumen output.

Highbay Reflectors Glare Control image

Using a reflector, not only are high angle candela reduced, but they are also emitted over a much larger surface area, dramatically reducing high angle luminance. If your facility has light coloured ceilings, installing reflectors has the added benefit of producing uplight. Uplighting further reduces apparent brightness, eliminates the "cave" effect and makes the space feel larger.

See below data sheets for more information. Note; the mounting mechanisms can be customised to fit virtually any highbay.

LENA 16: Economical and shallow

S16: Deep and high performance