Achieve UGR19 With the Help of Bright View Technologies Glare Control Sheet

Bright View Technologies LogoThe Australian Standards for Interior Lighting (AS/NZS1680) provide a guide for lighting manufacturers and designers to control the amount of glare emitted by luminaires. Discomfort Glare is the sensation of visual discomfort from bright light sources. This glare is quantified by the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) with AS/NZS1680 noting that discomfort glare occurs at UGR19. The level of discomfort glare is affected by several factors other than the glare source itself, including its position in relation to line of sight and any background luminance.

Lighting Australia offers Bright View Technologies G Series Light Control Sheet which suppress high angle light to reduce visual glare and improve the UGR of luminaires.

Contact us to discuss product combinations from our extensive lighting sheet range which can help your luminaires meet glare standards for office/indoor lighting.