LED Components Range

Lighting Australia offers an impressive range of LED components for each aspect of your luminaire design, from modules and drivers to heat sinks, lighting sheet and reflectors.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so that we can work with you to determine the best LED product combinations for your project and budget.

LED Drivers

When it comes to selecting control gear for your project, we offer a wide range of approved drivers for LED from BAG electronics. Drivers are available in 1-, 2- and 4- channel versions with non-dim, 1-10V and DALI dimming options, as well as independent housing possibility.

All drivers in our core range carry SELV/ SELV equivalent rating (≤60VDC) for safe operation, offering advantages for luminaire construction in terms of touch protection and electrical isolation.

Zitares High Specification SeriesBAG electronics Zitares LED Driver image

This premium driver range now includes Zitares Gen 2 with adjustable and programmable output channels and an overall height of just 21mm. The intelligent ZItares ICD driver can be used with together with BAG's BiColour LED modules to provide Human Centric Lighting options.

BAG electronics QCS LED Drivers image

QCS StandarD Series

The competitive QCS range is available in independent housing, built-in housing and linear series options.

LED Modules

BAG electronics offer LED modules using separate drivers and light engines with control gear integrated onto same PCB.

LED Modules using separate driversBAG electronics LED Modules image

Depending on your design requirements, we have a range of linear boards offering a variety of outputs and efficacies. Boards are available in two main lengths of 280mm and 560mm in high and low output options.

The range also includes BiColour modules for mixed white applications.

BAG electronics LED Light Engine image

LED Light Engines

BAG electronics also offers the Nexares all-in-one systems with LED and control gear integrated onto same PCB in extremely flat design.

LED Heat SinksA.A.G. Stucchi LED Heat Sink image

A.A.G. Stucchi offers Crystal heat sinks in lightweight design with improved cooling efficiency in a variety of sizes and thicknesses with custom options available. We'll work through the technical details with you to make best heat sink recommendations for your projects.

LED ReflectorsAlmeco LED Reflector image

Our range of LED Reflectors from Almeco use vegaLED98 - Almeco's silver finish high reflectance material, to offer outstanding Light Output Ratio of up to 99%. The reflect+A ready to fit range features ready made solutions for the most popular LED light sources on the market in a variety of beam distributions. Almeco also offers customised solutions  developed specially to meet manufacturer requests.

Lighting Sheet

ALP Europe offers a comprehensive range of high performance lighting sheet for use with LED. The range includes:

Jungbecker Light Control Sheet image

Diffusing Sheet

Light Control Sheet

BrightWhite 98 Diffuse Reflectors

These products can be used alone or in combination to provide varying levels of light transmission and glare control depending  on the individual needs of your project.